How 649 Advantage Works.

649 Advantage has developed a mathematical model to filter out more than 90% of numbers that are more likely to be losers. The remaining pool of numbers is highly concentrated with potential winning combinations.

Our members purchase 649 Advantage Credits for as little as 10¢ each. Credits can then be exchanged for 649 Advantage combinations from our pool. Each number combination is distributed only once and removed from the pool.

649 Advantage Founder, Greg Mills.

Developing the system that is the foundation of 649 Advantage is something I’ve been working on for 20 years. And just about every time I share the story, I sign up a new member.

We Do the Math. Our Story.

Some say what we do is impossible. We would argue that it’s only amazing, and our track record speaks for itself. We apply 160 filters and algorithms to the Lotto 649 number-set in order to isolate a much smaller pool of numbers that contains the winning number in about 8 out of 10 draws! The math behind the process is complex but we do all that heavy lifting to bring you a pool of numbers that is highly concentrated with potential winners.

We have studied Lotto 649 results for over a decade, painstakingly building a mathematical filtering model that reduces the almost 14 million possible 649 combinations down to a potent pool of less than 900,000 combinations. By eliminating more than 90% of all potential combinations while still capturing the winning combination (which is the case in about 8 out of 10 draws) a 649 Advantage number is about 15 times more likely to be the grand prize winner compared to an ordinary lottery purchase.

And the math doesn’t only bring us closer to the one big winner, the 649 Advantage pool is also highly concentrated with any variety of winning combinations. Historically, the 649 Advantage pool has delivered an amazing one out of seven combinations that earn some level of prize. In other words, about one out of seven 649 Advantage tickets are winners!

Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Our Numbers.

Why Don’t We Just Buy All the Tickets Ourselves?

And Other FAQs.

Q. Why don’t we just buy all the tickets ourselves and retire to an island?

A. It’s a fair question - and it’s the first one asked by most people. Even at under 900,000 combinations, purchasing that many tickets is a huge investment – more than 2.5 million dollars. Additionally, we don’t claim a perfect track record, in about 2 out of 10 draws, the winning number is not captured.

What we love about our 649 Advantage program is it makes all these potential winning 649 numbers available to our members. As we grow our member base and sell our full inventory of numbers for each draw, we’ll start to see grand prize winner after grand prize winner.

Q. So, you’ve never won the Grand Prize?

A. No, not yet. However, the tickets I do play have a return on investment of around 43%. Unheard of in 649 play.

Q. Does every 649 Advantage Pool contain the winning combination for that draw.

A. No, the number slips through occasionally, but we do capture the grand prize winner in about 8 out of 10 draws we have never had an occurrence where the 649 Advantage selection has missed the grand prize combination in consecutive draws.

Q. Why would we share this great system with others?

A. No one person can take on the risk of buying millions of dollars in lottery tickets. Even when there’s a higher chance of winning. For us, lottery play is a few dollars a week entertainment.

What 649 Advantage does is make the lottery even more fun. Capturing the winning numbers and sharing them with our members is an actual thrill. As membership grows, we will sell more and more winning tickets of all sizes. And when we start selling out the pool, it’s possible 649 Advantage members could be winning 8 out 10 draws. And that’s remarkable!

Q. What about these filters?

A. We don't really share, in detail, how we build our filters, however, we can say that all filters are thoroughly back-tested and forward tested and only those filters with a high degree of reliability are used.

Q. Not even a hint?

A. In general, our filters use Gaps, Frequency Distributions, Combinations, Permutations, Paired Numbers, Periodic Frequencies, Overdue and many, many more filters which are situation specific and change the results from draw to draw.

Q. Is the file the same every draw - can I just use the same numbers over again?

A. While some numbers may repeat from one draw to the next, the pool of numbers does change with every draw. Reusing a number can result in a big miss and, and for that reason, is not recommended.

Getting Started. Three Ways to Buy.

For as little as a dime you can boost your Lotto 649 play with 649 Advantage select number combinations. Choose any of our Advantage credit options and let’s get started:

Winner's Circle Savings

250 credits for $25



Lucky Numbers

100 Credits for $15



Get In The Game

10 Credits for $5



First Time 649 Customers PLAY TILL YOU WIN - Even though 649 Advantage offers the best odds of winning a 649 prize, we want to offer an even better option for our first time members. Following your first purchase, we will continue to supply you with numbers from the 649 Advantage pool until your numbers win a 649 prize. Because all our members are WINNERS!